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MERIDIANI was born in 1996 from a simple yet passionate idea of Laura Ferraro Crosti, wife of Renato Crosti, founder of the company: a new home collection characterized by a recognizable lifestyle, timeless yet always up to date, able to keep an eye open for trends but with deep roots in the past. 

After researches driven by passion and expertise the first collection was born in spring 1996 and it was entirely manufactured in Italy thanks to the existing industrial facilities owned by the family; it was the result of the enthusiasm and collaboration between Laura and the designer Andrea Parisio, art director of the brand. In the same year the collection was shown in the first atelier in Milan together with a rich textile range – a distinguishing feature of the brand since its dawn.
The successful first showing and the excellent feedback received by insiders and customers led naturally, in year 2000, to the creation and promotion of the first official collection as Meridiani.
Thirty years of experience previously acquired in manufacturing high quality furniture paddings and upholstered beds turned out to be one of the primary elements that contributed to the success of the new brand.
In 2016 the company joined IDB - Italian Design Brands S.p.A. - with the goal of strengthening an already important presence of its brand on international markets and developing synergies in innovative areas through digital transformation processes, shared commercial strategies and new distribution channels.


meridiani white james.jpg
meridiani louis up.jpg
meridiani belmon 1.jpg
meridiani prince.jpg
meridiani louis plus.jpg
meridiani louis fit.jpg
meridiani allen.jpg
meridiani farrel.jpg
meridiani NEUMAN-260.jpg
meridiani bacon.jpg
meridiani queen 3.jpg
meridiani hector 10.jpg
meridiani timothy 9.jpg
meridiani timothy 1.jpg

Arm chair

스크린샷 2018-08-25 오전 8.23.56.png
meridiani queen 0.jpg
meridiani keeton 0'.jpg
meridiani cecile 0.jpg
meridiani forest soft 0.jpg
meridiani zoe 0.jpg
meridiani jill fixed 0.jpg
meridiani jo fixed 0.jpg
meridiani jo 0.jpg
meridiani jill 0.jpg
meridiani ida 0.jpg
meridiani isabell 0.jpg
meridiani liu 0.jpg
meridiani nani.jpg

Low table

meridiani belt oval 0.jpg
meridiani cluny 0.jpg
meridiani belt round 0.jpg
meridiani judd 0.jpg
meridiani pek 0.jpg
meridiani bongo 1.jpg
meridiani belt square.jpg
meridiani gong 0.jpg
meridiani miller 0.jpg
meridiani ralf 0.jpg
meridiani bongo 0.jpg
meridiani adrian side 0.jpg

Dining table
meridiani owen 1.jpg
meridiani plinto zk 0.jpg
meridiani gong table 0.jpg
meridiani gong 3.jpg
meridiani plinto square2.jpg
meridiani gong table 1.jpg
meridiani plinto round 1.jpg
meridiani plinto round 2.jpg
meridiani miller dining table 0.jpg
meridiani power 0.jpg
meridiani charlie table 0.jpg

Night table

meridiani gong due 0.jpg
meridiani dimitri.jpg
meridiani shine night stand 0.jpg
스크린샷 2018-09-02 오전 9.29.12.png
meridiani karl 0.jpg
meridiani duglas 0.jpg
meridiani cluny night 0.jpg
meridiani ralf night 1.jpg
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