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The profound connection with its territory is a fundamental characteristic of the new Italian brand of upholstery and furniture, built on a strong craftsmanship heritage and the made in Italy tradition.
AMURA as “amore”, as “solar eclipe” in Tahitian, or “wide smile” in Japanese. But above all: Amura is the Mediterranean warmth of the territory of its origin, Altamura, is the fragile and authentic beauty of the South, is the traditional craftmanship, with quality as a given. An ongoing research of natural materials, the ambition of creating a perfect synthesis of form and function with its design,

the obsessive attention of artisanal finishes in a technologically advanced context. These are the values in AMURA.Not a simple brand, but a laboratory of research and experiments on shapes, design, trends and materials, with an incessant look at innovation that never abandons the fondations of the craft and of its origins. A project born out of the the talent and inspiration of Emanuel Gargano and Anton Cristell, who have gathered a team of researchers, creatives, artists, desingers to work on concepts, products and spaces, always focusing on the people who live and experience those spaces.


giorgio amura sofa.jpg
amura davis 1.jpg
amura lapis sofa 17.jpg
amura brooklyn.jpg
amura alice 0.jpg
amura mavis .jpg
amura murray 0.jpg
amura leonard 0.jpg
amura barnaby.jpg

Arm chair

amura noa 1.jpg
amura frida.jpg
amura ease.jpg
amura kimono.jpg
amura uchiwa.jpg


amura desco.jpg
amura quattropietre.jpg
amura nx.jpg
amura millefoglie.jpg
amura setacci.jpg
amura range.jpg
amura junsei.jpg
amura vanity.jpg
amura exilis.jpg
amura lapis table.jpg
amura milefogile.jpg
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